I'm a UI developer based in Brescia, Italy. I'm interested in data visualization, interaction design and web technologies.
I currently work at YouGov as a Senior Frontend Engineer on a data analysis platform.
Previously, I worked at Accurat where I mainly focused on developing interactive data visualization experiences and products.
I worked with clients such as Google, IBM, Adobe and WHO, to create high quality analytics platforms and data-driven digital experiences that combine functionality and aesthetic to provide deep involvement.

React components to build data visualizations
Scroll Snap
A js library to snap the page after scroll

To see more, check out my code on Github, or get in touch on LinkedIn or X.
Always fascinated by the intersaction of technology and design, I began to dive into the field of data visualization with an experimental approach, applying web technologies to creative coding and generative art projects. I later extended my knowledge of the discipline working on analytics and businnes-oriented systems, and improving his technical skills with Javascript frameworks and libraries such as React, D3 and WebGL.

I'm a fervent supporter of the "Practice over Theory" approach, and my work is characterised by a particular focus on user interaction applied to data visualization.
I think of digital products as constantly evolving organisms.

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